Summary Stress Reporting

AES use several commercial FE codes to assist with stress verification and reporting, as well as several of their own in-house design tools.

The stress reports are the mainstay of our work and inform clients & certification authorities with the necessary detail to prove the analysis/design, and what actions or features are required to further improve its performance.  These recommendations underpin our commitment to developing the right solution, both for our client, and the problem!

Uses: Product manuals, maintenance procedures and repair procedures.


Production Methodologies & Material Rationalisation

Inherent with the development of optimised designs and production methods, AES are able to quickly generate and tailor many solutions to fulfil key design aspects, using tried-and-tested techniques, methods and resources.  Rationalising materials and manufacturing operations at the design stage helps clients achieve economies of scale and only maintain key inventories.

Verification and Process Control Studies

Test, Verification and Process Control Studies

AES are able to use their engineering knowledge and extensive experience in Renewable Energy and Industrial environments to help develop the required studies ensuring key variables are incorporated into the design, and monitored throughout the lifecycle of the product, from design through to evaluation of performance, and ultimately, it’s decommissioning.

Uses: Design requirement capture, performance evaluation, test verification and correlation to test

tech authoring & Instruction

Technical Authoring & Instruction Manuals

Often the ultimate success or failure of a design is simply down to the manner in which it is installed or commissioned, so the order in which instillation takes place is key.  AES offer services to assist clients with establishing the best means for achieving integrity of part/instillation by exploring and documenting build sequence, so that the reliability of parts is increased and instillation simplified.