CAD to Scan Comparisons & Part Inspection to Drawing

Using the latest inspection software (GOM Inspect) we are able to align, check and report relative differences between scanned data and original CAD data to quantify the differences.  This allows differences to be clearly checked and reporting of part dimensions & tolerances, and whether they meet the specified requirements of the end user or the specified drawing.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

AES often obtain actual part surface geometry by scanning parts so that it can be used in subsequent engineering of modifications to a product during its lifecycle.  AES’ scans have been used in a variety of designs, from Superyacht helm stations to wind turbine tip extensions.

Uses:  Design & engineering optimisation, verification, CAD/Quality assurance.


Mould Verification

Scanning mould geometry at various stages of production ensures that parts are produced consistently with little or no part-to-part variation, and how long a particular production run can be before mould refurbishment is required.  Keeping watch of critical mould dimensions and scanning at regular intervals (time or number of parts produced) allows tool wear estimates to be calculated, and determine maintenance and downtime schedules to be managed effectively.